Riley Cadman

Riley Cadman

It took me two years to build up the courage to enrol to a business college and I quit 4 weeks into the first semester due to my stutter and all of the negative energy I had.
I was ready to throw my life away and not proceed in my

Beyond Stuttering in Control - Wellington, New Zealand

stuttering not a cure - new zealand

The start of 2019 for the McGuire Programme in Australia and New Zealand was a major success.

Our first course of the year, was held in the capital city of New Zealand – Wellington. Beautiful buildings, plazas, beaches and scenery all made the course extra noteworthy – especially once it was time for outdoor sessions and contacts.


Great 2018 Year for McGuire ANZ in Melbourne, Australia

McGuire Programme Melbourne 2018 - Debating and Acting Workshops

2018 marks a great year for the McGuire Programme in Australia and New Zealand. Not only did we have a record number of new graduates joining the programme in the last few years, but we also had a quality increase in the amount of coaches and instructors in the region. We also had a lot of success with initiating new process improvements both during courses as well as in the after support, with thus far, very positive outcomes for all members involved.

Premier Gold Coast Course a huge Success!

Gold Coast in Australia is known for its beaches, tourism, entertainment and from now it will be known as one of the best places to come and experience a McGuire Programme Intensive Course. 

For people who don't have a stutter, it will now be a place where you can watch more than four dozen inspirational people transform themselves into confident, eloquent speakers - speaking on a stage in the middle of surfers paradise, on the very same stage as popular singers, dancers and other performers.


Kate Salkeld