McGuire Programme ANZ 2018 - Great start to a great journey for people overcoming their stutter in Sydney, Australia

The Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Sydney March McGuire Programme Intensive Course - were the best places to be in Sydney from 7th March to 11th March 2018.


The McGuire Programme ANZ - revamped and refreshed with a new Regional Director, a new attitude, twelve new students and over 35 existing graduates all equated to an amazing start of 2018.


The Sydney March 2018 course was held at the Vibe Hotel on Rushcutters Bay - Commencing 6pm 7th March and concluding 3.30pm 11th of March.


Kristy Warden

Kristy Warden

Joining in 2013, the program challenged me in many different ways, raising my own expectations of myself to new heights. It has taught me the value of making goals and following them through till the end. It has also changed the people around me, like my friends and family, as they are now more aware of what I need to improve myself, and how they can help. As a whole the experience has left me changed for the better.