Kristy Warden

Kristy Warden

Joining in 2013, the program challenged me in many different ways, raising my own expectations of myself to new heights. It has taught me the value of making goals and following them through till the end. It has also changed the people around me, like my friends and family, as they are now more aware of what I need to improve myself, and how they can help. As a whole the experience has left me changed for the better.

Denis Wright

Denis Wright

Ever since I remember I have had a stutter - unfortunately for me, I liked to talk a lot. 

Although I can't say stuttering held me back too much, looking back at it now, I can see how it did restrict me from doing things that I know I would have enjoyed - debating, public speaking, running for class president, running for school captain, etc ,etc.

Crikey! Control outside a church?!

Graduates (people who stutter) of The McGuire Programme ANZ in Christchurch, NZ

Celebrating a successful four day Intensive Course in Christchurch, NZ as part of their journey to become eloquent, effective communicators. #CHC17

Christchurch, NZ - With a nervous step, the young lady made her way in front of a crowd of strangers, to step up onto a soapbox in front of the derelict remains of the city's famous cathedral. Traveling from Wellington to support her sister in a hip-hop dance competition, she had no plans to make a public speech in a strange city; yet, something compelled her to give this scary proposition a try, something persuaded her to take the courage to stand up and talk to the people of Christchurch, something assured her that it would all be OK to push out of her comfort zones.


Sydney Showcases Stuttering Success

Ryan Tyndall, a graduate of The McGuire Programme, celebrates completing his second Intensive Course with a TFE Hotels employee.

Sydney, AU - The pounding of his heart, his hands shook slightly as he grasped the laminated sheet of paper, his eyes wide and he felt the expectation to communicate with the people in front of him. As a lifelong stutterer, struggling to express himself clearly, he was all too familiar with these physical responses to speaking; however, there was something very different about this moment.


People Who Stutter Project to Become Eloquent Speakers

People who stutter practising their voice projection techniques

Students and Graduates of The McGuire Programme practise their voice projection techniques in Princes Park, Melbourne.

Melbourne, AU - The crisp, dry ground crackled underfoot as the fans of Carlton Blues and Western Bulldogs walked through Princes Park on the way to cheer on their heroines in Round Five of the inaugural AFL Women's competition. As they made their way to Ikon Park stadium, they came across a very different set of athletes taking part in a unique training session of their own.