Icebergs Melting in Australia!

Beyond Stuttering Course Instructor and Course Organiser receive Stuttering Icebergs from McGuire Programme ANZ Regional Director

Matt O'Brien (Course Instructor) and Kristy Warden (Course Organiser) receive their first Beyond Stuttering icebergs, in recognition of their fantastic efforts and progress in working on their stutter and helping other stutterers.


Melbourne, AU - An hour after the course had ended, the conference room carpet was dry as a bone; it's patterned mosaic showing no trace of the tears of joy, relief and real emotion that had flowed during the Farewell Speeches of the Melbourne 2016 McGuire Programme Intensive Course. The silence of the empty conference room contrasted with excited chatter and flowing conversation as friends, old and new, said their farewells, goodbyes and adieus after four transformative, life-changing days.

Owen Westwood works to control his stutter with McGuire Programme

Owen Works Hard TO OVercome His Stutter

AFTER more than 20 years spent trying to hide his stutter, a Lysterfield man has decided to “take action” against the speech impediment that has controlled his life.

Owen Westwood, 25, has had the “crippling” impediment since he could talk but time spent chained to a desk in an office job he hated forced him to fight back against “the demon”.

“I felt stuck because of my speech — I felt I couldn’t get a job anywhere else because who would hire a person who stutters?” he said.