The Gift that Keeps on Giving

McGuire Graduate and School Prefect, Christopher Cain

McGuire Graduate and School Prefect, Christopher Cain

The McGuire Programme is still the gift that keeps on giving.

Sharing the great news with you that our 16 year old son, Christopher, has gone from being a quiet and shy boy struggling with a debilitating stutter 23 months ago to today being awarded the 2nd highest Prefect position for Year 12 next year ... "School Prefect" for the whole school (a school of 1,200 students from Kindy through to Year 12).

"an accomplished communicator and speaker with fantastic interpersonal skills"

Diversity and Strength on Show in Sydney

McGuire Programme Graduates

It is our differences that make us the same - McGuire Graduates, Sydney

Nine new students began the course, with great diversity in age, gender and backgrounds. Four were teenagers, three were females and six males, two had English as a second language and three were born overseas – talk about a diverse and very interesting group of people! One decided on Day Two of the course that the time was not right for them, and they left with a better understanding of the commitment and courage that is required to overcome a lifetime of stuttering.

Success for New and Old Graduates - Melbourne May 2015

McGuire Programme Australia - Costal Breathing

New students learn the basics of the McGuire breathing and speaking technique.

For many people, joining the McGuire Programme is about new beginnings. After struggling with a lifetime of stuttering, an intensive course offers participants the opportunity to learn new strategies for speaking with confidence and eloquence.

Our Future Leaders Shine in Sydney

McGuire Programme Australia - Teenage Graduates

L-R: James Agius, Bailey Hooker, Connor Massen, Courtney Jackson, Kyle Burrows

A real benefit of the McGuire Programme is the ongoing access to coaching and support that is available after a person's first intensive course. This allows graduates to continue working on their speech with the support of experienced members of the programme, as well as attending follow-on 'refresher' courses to help those that are beginning their journey beyond stuttering.

Hayden Mischefski
Phil Jeffrey

Phil Jeffrey

Being on the Programme has given me the tools to tackle challenging speaking situations and achieve what I want in my career.

I enjoy giving back to the Programme and helping new students overcome their fears and start their journey to freedom.

I have met some wonderful people from all over Australia (and the world) who share similar issues to me, but we also share the will and motivation to overcome them - and that is what makes the McGuire Programme so successful.