Our Future Leaders Shine in Sydney

McGuire Programme Australia - Teenage Graduates

L-R: James Agius, Bailey Hooker, Connor Massen, Courtney Jackson, Kyle Burrows

A real benefit of the McGuire Programme is the ongoing access to coaching and support that is available after a person's first intensive course. This allows graduates to continue working on their speech with the support of experienced members of the programme, as well as attending follow-on 'refresher' courses to help those that are beginning their journey beyond stuttering.

Hayden Mischefski
Phil Jeffrey

Phil Jeffrey

Being on the Programme has given me the tools to tackle challenging speaking situations and achieve what I want in my career.

I enjoy giving back to the Programme and helping new students overcome their fears and start their journey to freedom.

I have met some wonderful people from all over Australia (and the world) who share similar issues to me, but we also share the will and motivation to overcome them - and that is what makes the McGuire Programme so successful.

An Australian Icon Retires

Geoff Johnston Retires as Australian RD

L-R: Geoff Johnston (Retiring RD), Scott Monson (Incoming RD), Mark Irwin (ASEA President)

Over 60 graduates of the Australian Programme attended the recent course in Melbourne to pay tribute to a national icon. Geoff Johnston joined the programme in 1999, and took on the role of Regional Director in 2001. After 13 years and 70+ courses in the position, he was touched that so many graduates travelled across the country to thank him in person for the inspiration, motivation and dedication he has shown in helping so many on their road to freedom.

Brisbane Australia Course - August 2014

Julia's public speech

Julia's public speech on the main stage area in the Queen Street Mall. Well done Julia.

On Wednesday evening 6th August new students feeling a little anxious and graduates met at the Hotel George Williams in Brisbane to begin a 4-day intensive course to help them manage their stuttering behaviour. The introductory session went well with the objective of showing the new people that there is something that can be done about their stuttering. Instructors, coaches and graduates all demonstrated powerful and eloquent speech giving the students hope and the belief that with bravery, hard work and persistence they too could have similar success.

Australia - Sydney June 2014 - Course Report

McGuire Programme for people who stutter

A very happy group of people who stutter who have succeeded to control and manage their stuttering behaviour over a 4-day intensive course in Sydney, Australia in June 2014.

McGuire 4-day Intensive Course Report: Australia Region
City: Sydney
Dates: 12th – 15h June 2014
RD: Geoff Johnston
Primary Course Instructor: Scott Monson
Author: Geoff Johnston

Wednesday night saw 13 new students arrive at the Y Hotel in Sydney. Seven men, four women and two young fellows 13 and 14 years of age.

We were very fortunate to have Dave McGuire visit us for his biennial trip down under. Dave stayed with us for Wednesday night and all day Thursday before he left Friday morning for New Zealand.