Big Smiles at Sydney Course

Sydney Course - Oct 2013

The course was four days of intensive work with outstanding results for all participants. Many who couldn't say their name at the start due to their stutter were excellent communicators by the end of the course.

During the course all demonstrated great change in their physical speech and their attitude to speaking. Whether it be talking to 100 strangers on the streets of Sydney or making a public speech at Darling Harbour, all embraced the challenges and without exception were 100% successful in their assignments.

McGuire graduates helping young cancer sufferers speak out

CanTeen is an Australian organisation that helps young people

Vikesh, Todd, and Derek from the McGuire Programmes were the graduates involved and as a result, we received a lovely 'Thank You' email and the picture above from the guys at CanTeen QLD Div Winter Program.

Sounds like a great day was had by all!

If you'd like to learn more about the CanTeen programme, check out their website for all the info.


Geoff Johnston

Geoff Johnston

Geoff was a chronic overt stutterer since the age of 2-3 years old and continued to suffer the consequences of out-of-control stuttering until he was about 55 despite more or less continuous traditional speech therapy during that time.

As a last ditch effort and without a lot of faith and hope given his history of unsuccessful treatment, Geoff joined the McGuire Programme in July 1999 and found he related easily to the holistic and sports mentality of the Programme.