Bruce Whitfield

Bruce Whitfield

I do remember though about holding back & avoiding right from an early age. I have always had lots of good friends throughout my school years & working life, & my family has always shown great patience with regard to my stutter.

I have tried just about everything over the years to help my fluency. Speech therapy, elocution, relaxation classes, hypnotherapy, yoga, medication & self improvement courses. All without any or lasting success. Deep down inside however, I did feel it was possible to at least make some worthwhile progress with my speech.

Big Smiles at Sydney Course

Sydney Course - Oct 2013

The course was four days of intensive work with outstanding results for all participants. Many who couldn't say their name at the start due to their stutter were excellent communicators by the end of the course.

During the course all demonstrated great change in their physical speech and their attitude to speaking. Whether it be talking to 100 strangers on the streets of Sydney or making a public speech at Darling Harbour, all embraced the challenges and without exception were 100% successful in their assignments.