Peter Gishla

Peter Gishla

My name is Peter Gishla. Before I went on first McGuire course I was very shy, not wanting people to find out I was a stutterer so I often withdrew from social interaction.  I was hesitant about going on the McGuire programme because I had tried so many other things which didn’t work (they were: Slow speech, smooth speech, and hypnotherapy).

    The techniques learnt on the course gave me the tools to overcome my stutter, make me an eloquent speaker and increase my confidence to a level I previously never would have dreamed.

Scott Monson

Scott Monson

Because of these past experiences, I started my first course with little expectation of a "magic cure" for my stutter - but I was determined to keep an open mind and apply what was being taught.

Before the Programme I would avoid making phone calls, ordering food and, of course, public speaking.  Not only am I now a Staff Trainer, Course Instructor and Coach on the programme, I have won public speaking contests (like many other McGuire graduates) and achieved so many things that I only ever dreamed were possible. 

Public speaking in Liverpool, Australia

Flying high

Congratulations for your bravery and motivation to push on with your recovery.

Over the years, because of my involvement with the Australian Speak Easy Association, it has become crystal clear that McGuire graduates are far more successful at achieving effective communication than people who stutter treated by the speech pathology profession. There are many reasons but a few are a technique that works, empowerment rather than in a victim mentality, playing to win rather than playing not to lose, non-avoidance attitude and the important one, access to ongoing coaching and support.

New support group starts in Sydney

The sun was setting down on a jewel of a Spring day, the birds were tweeting on the branches of an old gum tree and as people in their numbers were returning home tired and exhausted from another day 'on the job' looking to get some rest and sleep... the eyes of Engadine Support Group were just opening theirs for the first time full of energy.