Zargham Ali

Zargham Ali

It all started when I was 6 years old. It was an on and off process at start. For me the most dreadful part would be to introduce myself to new people in a group. The minutes would feel like hours till it was my turn to introduce myself.  I was also bullied for my speech in school. I would dread each day going to school hoping I wouldn’t be bullied today. I went to a lot of speech therapists but it didn’t work. I had full support of my family from the very beginning. 

Crazy Guitar Man Versus Stutterers in Frankfurt am Main!

We are so lucky to be situated in central Europe, as we had many members and new students coming from all over the world; this time we had people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Georgia via the Czech Republic, Ireland, The Netherlands, Holand, Pakistan, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, the UK and the USA. The course was truly an international mix that represents and reflects the McGuire Programme internationally. The McGuire techniques and methods work in any language - so don’t be afraid to join us in Germany!

McGuire course February 2016 Nijmegen

McGuire course Nijmegen

‘Perfect’, ‘Cool’, ‘Life changing’, ‘Intense’, ‘New start’, ‘Revelation’. These are only a few of the reactions we got from the new students (NS) when they were asked to describe the course in just one (or two) word(s). And indeed, the course fitted all of the above!
Of course these reactions came by the end of the course. How about the NS at the beginning:

Course Report November 2015 Eindhoven

*block release*,

These two words had been said many times during the latest Eindhoven course. With 11 NS and approximately 70 grads/coaches coming back throughout the whole course, the room was full of energy and interaction.

‘Energy’ and ‘interaction’ were also applicable for us, CI’s. Mariëlle and me complemented each other and proved to be a strong team. Furthermore, RD Frank Loomans had organized an ‘energetic’ course with very inspirational workshops, also from people outside McGuire.