McGuire Programme Course Report Eindhoven

Friday evening, after the second full day, 20 new students (NS) were asked to describe the course in just one word. ‘Liberating’, ‘Super!’, ‘Heavy’, ‘Chill’, ‘I-opener’, and ‘Inspiring’ were only a couple of the 20 words that went onto a big sheet of paper.
But now let’s turn things around. What word would we, as instructors, use to describe all of them?

Infoabend in Dortmund bei HEIMATDESIGN 02. Mai

Infoabend in Dortmund at HEIMATDESIGN, Hoher Wall 15, 44137 Dortmund, Germany

Are you interested in hearing more about The McGuire Programme?

Come and join us for an 'Infoabend' to learn more about what The McGuire Programme has to offer people who stutter and meet some of our members who have already joined.

These events are free and open to all people who stutter including friends and family.

Course report Den Bosch 25-28 February 2015

For this course we had 24 new students (NS) and about 80 grads/coaches came over to attend the Den Bosch course. It was the first time the course was being held in Den Bosch.

The course was run by CI Dave Mannaert and Tim Bicanic. Course organizer: Frank Loomans.

Wednesday we started with the videos of the 24 new students. One lady was original from Hungary and one guy from Turkey but both live in The Netherlands now. The other 22 were from The Netherlands. 8 Covert en 16 overt. The course was in Dutch.

Tim Bicanic

Tim Bicanic

(Translated with Google Translate)

From mouse to lion in 3 days. So I always describe the three-day course. My first course was in 2007. I remember that I was the thirty passed and was totally satisfied with my life. Stuttering was the biggest cause. Now, six years later, much has changed in my life. I used to chose the path of least resistance, I'm just going to confrontations. Because dealing with stuttering is more than just not stutter: it is precisely the courage and have the guts to say what you want, who you want and at what time.