Course Report November 2015 Eindhoven

*block release*,

These two words had been said many times during the latest Eindhoven course. With 11 NS and approximately 70 grads/coaches coming back throughout the whole course, the room was full of energy and interaction.

‘Energy’ and ‘interaction’ were also applicable for us, CI’s. Mariëlle and me complemented each other and proved to be a strong team. Furthermore, RD Frank Loomans had organized an ‘energetic’ course with very inspirational workshops, also from people outside McGuire.

Trick or Treating in Frankfurt am Main!!!

We had people from all over the world - Ireland, Germany, the USA, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Russia, Georgia via the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The course was truly an international mix that represents and reflects the McGuire Programme internationally and it was a course full of commitment, dedication and courage from the new students, the refreshers (refreshers are members attending their second course) and returning graduate members.