Yeshwanth Darmadev
Jason D'Souza
Dr. Amit Kumar

People declare war on their stammers during a beautiful week in Bengaluru

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A group of people who stammer (PWS) work on getting a control of their speech in Bengaluru

What an inspirational course it was! The 10th McGuire India course was successfully conducted in the 3rd week of June in the bustling city of Bengaluru. New students, graduates, coaches and instructors came together to beat their stammers from across India, Singapore, Dubai, UK, and USA.

Vandana Grover

Vandana Grover

Vandana Grover is my name and I am a proud Grad at Mcguire programme. I had been a covert stammerer 40 years of my life.  Juggling with word substitution and searching for synonyms for my feared words during each conversation undoubtedly made me adept at English vocabulary.