People find their voices in New Delhi after years of struggling with a debilitating stammer

All smiles during the public speaking event at The Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, India

McGuire Progamme India succesfully conducted its 9th course in the 2nd week of December in New Delhi. A group of new students, graduates, coaches and instructors  from India, China, Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, and USA came together to defeat their stammers.

The new batch included doctors, accountants, executives, engineers, scientists, high school and college students. On Day 1, they were anxious not knowing what to expect. But as instructors, coaches and graduates stood up to speak about their own personal journeys, this anxiety turned into hope and optimism.

Dr. Biplab Manandhar

Dr. Biplab Manandhar

I have been a stutterer for the last 26 yrs. As is common among many of us adults, speech therapy wasn't really helpful, especially when it came to speaking in real life situations -  buying a ticket at the train counter, ordering food at the restaurant or speaking up in class for instance.

I am a medical doctor, and felt totally helpless that I could not find that “magic pill” to alleviate stammering, inspite of the fact that there are a large number of people in the world that stammer.  Yes, there are 70 million in the world that stammer!

People trample their fear of stuttering in India's capital few days before Christmas

Brave students and graduates put in a lot of hard work in New Delhi to get a control of their speech. There couldn’t have been a better Christmas present.

I recommend the McGuire Programme because it has restored my dignity, self-esteem and long-lost confidence! - MGP graduate

McGuire India Programme conducted its seventh course from Dec 14-18th 2016 in India’s capital city, New Delhi. People attended the course from all over India and from five other countries.

Here are stories from some of the folks that attended the course: