Rishabh Panchamia

Rishabh Panchamia

My name is Rishabh and I am a covert stammerer. [Covert means that I could hide my stammer from others but not from myself]

For many years, I had my own feared situations and words. I always restricted myself. Making phone calls and introducing to strangers was terrible! 

Making phone calls and introducing to strangers was terrible!

Empowering people in India who stammer

India stammer empower

Matthew knows our problem very deeply. It might have been his first time to India, but to me, it felt like home with him. He was highly knowledgeable, supportive and cooperative at all times and helped in my transformation. I personally salute his encouragement, dedication and honesty. - MGP grad 

People smash their stammers on the streets of Bengaluru, India!

Courageous MGP students who faced their fears of stammering and smashed it in the face

I recommend the McGuire Programme to anyone that stammers because an organized army has a better discipline, morale and success than wayward soldiers!  - Dr. Mihir, a MGP graduate

McGuire India Programme celebrated its 2nd anniversary from June 8-12th 2016, in the vibrant city of Bengaluru, the very city that hosted our inaugural course. People attended the course from far and wide in India and also from abroad.

Here are stories from some of the folks that attended the Bengaluru course:

Kapil Sharma
Naman Anand

Naman Anand

My life has been no different than that of any other person who stammers. We have always been forced to take a step back in life, at work, because of what we consider to be a thing that will not change no matter how much effort we make. And our fears have not been without reason.

I have stammered since I could remember!

PWS awaken their force in New Delhi, India!

McGuire India Programme successfully conducted its 5th course to empower people who stammer in Gurgaon, an industrial suburb of New Delhi. New students came from many corners of India spanning a wide age group, diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of stammer. Stammer wise, it was evenly split between overts and coverts.