Latin America - Online Intensive Course for people who stutter

McGuire Latin America Virtual Course for people who stutter held from Thursday, December 2 to Sunday, December 5, 2021

The virtual course of the McGuire program was carried out in virtual mode, due to the pandemic that is affecting the world at the moment; the course began on December the 2nd. The introduction session was held by the Coaches: Alexis Regalado (Mexico), Ariel Kohan (Argentina), Deyvis Escalante (Peru) and Malcolm Cisneros (Mexico), later Alfredo González, Regional Director in Latin America and instructor of the course  gave the instructions for the days to follow.

Alfredo González

Brotherhood and Solidarity VS their Stutter

We had 6 new brave students; all men - 2 coverts / 4 overts, ages from 22 to 42 years old.

We started on Wednesday 28 of November a 7PM sharp, accompanied by family members of the new students.

Thursday went by very quickly. The "heaviest" day of the course turned out to be very enjoyable and successful. By focusing on the physical aspects we covered all the bases really fast and with exact coordination.

Letting go of fear and leaving behind their stutter

The course started on Wednesday the 31st with a brief explanation of the physical and psychological concepts of a stutter by Alfredo, in order to familiarize new students with the subject that would be seen in greater depth during the course. Then, it was time for interviews with the new students, who felt nervous and uncomfortable to expose themselves to this difficult situation, but they all managed to pass through it, showing us their true speech situation, which they should overcome in the course.