Feeling comfortable while overcoming their stutter in Lima, Peru

On Wednesday 4 new students arrived to go Beyond Stuttering, along with 3 graduates to strengthen their process. The new students, as well as every new person entering the course, they had their doubts towards the programme. Asking themselves: How effective was this course going to be? Will I actually be able to control my stutter in only 4 days? This and other questions crossed their minds. As the session kept going, the new students felt more comfortable and at ease since we were all people who stutter.

Tackling the stuttering barrier in Torreon, Mexico

McGuire is the largest community of people who stutter and is held by people who stutter. The intensive course in Torreon, Coahuila was held on April 24, which included 2 new students, an 11-year-old from Gomez Palacio and a 28-year-old, and one graduate from Durango; Jesus. At 7 in the afternoon the introduction was made for the new ones where the first day videos were made, where questions were made to be able to see that same video on Saturday, April 28. We had dinner that same day after the introduction given by Alfredo Gonzalez, Director of the programme in Latin America.

Making out of the uncomfortable something comfortable - Santiago, Chile

A new course started in Santiago, Chile on Wednesday April the 10th. 15  brave new students (NS) arrived to face our biggest fear, stuttering. In the room there were a lot of emotions from part of the NS and their families. They were all very uncertain of what was going to happen.

Tackling their stutter in Córdoba, Argentina

On Wednesday April the 3rd, a course in Córdoba, Argentina started. 2 new students arrived, both came from Buenos Aires to go Beyond Stuttering, along with 3 graduates to reinforce their process (from Tucumán, Córdoba and Entre Ríos). The NS had their doubts about the programme, but as the sessions passed, they were more satisfied; when they made their first day videos, they felt comfortable being in a room with people who stutter.

Twins overcoming their stutter together!

Pablo Guillen:

This was my first course and I must say that my experience was extremely satisfying and gratifying, previously I went to many therapies and private language classes, to be able to “cure” my stutter, I put all my effort and dedication to the exercises but I saw no result, but that all changed when I discovered the McGuire programme.