Creativity without Limits!

The Huichol ethnic group is distributed across the Mexican states of Durango, Jalisco, Nayarit and Zacatecas.

It’s a beautiful culture where extraordinary worlds are created whose recurring protagonists are moons, suns, plants, animals, labyrinths, mountains, spirals and cosmic oceans expressed in the art, religion and traditions of the Huicholes.

They distribute personalized items in an artisan way, some woven garments with bright colors, and the creation of articles made with beads, practically their imagination has no limits to make any object a wonder.


Benjamín Castillo

Benjamín Castillo

I remember the first day of class in college. First day where we would have to introduce ourselves in front of our professors and classmates. One week before I start to feel the anxiety, the pressure and the fear just by thinking that I would have to say my name. The night before I can't sleep, the fear takes over my body and I know that soon I would have to face the situation in which my stutter will take control of how, when and what I will say.

Taking Control of Their Stutter and Finding Their Voice!

Tartamudez Chile

On February the 28th, a new intensive course took place in Santiago, Chile, a historic course in Latin America, since it would become the course with the most new students. The 16 new brave students started to fill the room, some with uncertainty about what would happen and other with the decision of working during the next couple of days to find a solution in their speech.

Going Beyond Their Stutter in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tartamudez Argentina

On Wednesday, February the 21st, six people came together to overcome their stutter.

We had 2 new students. Distance was not an obstacle, since one of them travelled all the way from Spain to work really hard on their speech during 3 days with help and support from 4 graduates who came back; 3 of them from different places of Argentina: Cordoba, Entre Rios and Resistencia.

Jorge Garza

Jorge Garza

My stutter started when I was 5 years old, I really don't remember much but my parents tell me that it was when I was in 1st grade of Primary School due to a teacher that pressured me a lot. What I do remember is that I started to become aware of my stuttering when they started taking me to a psychologist, since I didn't like going it was when I noticed that I had something different, and that's when my journey with stuttering began.

Stutter under control in Torreon, Mexico

The day of the first intensive course of the year for Torreon finally arrived, with 2 new students; minors, accompanied by their family.

We had the wonderful presence of 3 graduates, 1 from Austin, Texas who travelled 19 hours back and forth to be in the course, 1 from Chihuahua who also travelled to help and support the new students and 1 from Torreon; the 3 of them always remained helpful and working hard to give the best example and encourage the new students.