Empowering People!

Dubai 09.09.2017 / Together We Rise! 

The best gift is the gift of empowering people to use the resources they have to solve their own problems, is to teach them how to accept and love themselves as they are, and yet be able to face the world and pursue their dreams. This is exactly what we do in the McGuire Programme. 


On Wednesday September 6th, 2017, a new group of motivated people with stuttering showed up to the 10th McGuire Intensive Course in the MENA region. They had one common goal, a dream in which they can control their stammer and be able to communicate with others in a clear understandable way. 

Where Hope and Transformation Begins!

The McGuire Programme MENA new students and mamebers after Public Speaking Challenge, April 2017 / Dubai. 


At 06:00pm on April 5th 2017 a new McGuire journey started with the presence of around 40 returning grads. On that evening, new students took the courage to sit in front of the camera to answer basic questions which was the first step in their transformational journey.   


Loads of Emotions!

The course started on Wednesday evening, with the presence of our fabulous grads who kept surprising us by how strong they are and their endless support to the new students and each other throughout the course. We were pleased to have on board the Irish team of coaches; David McNally, Rory West, Mary Moorehead and Kara McMahon, who flew all the way from Ireland loaded with years of experience that added great value to the course. The course was instructed by the amazing super organized Sharon Gavillet.