1st Anniversary 4th course / Dubai, McGuire Arabia

Smiling faces after the Public Speech Challenge at Ibn Battuta Mall / Duabi

On the second weekend of June 2015, all was ready to welcome new members to The McGuire Family in the MENA region. On the evening of Wednesday the 10th of June, Thirteen new students plucked up their courage to answer a few questions in both Arabic and English as part of their first day video session, in a room filled with grads, coaches and the very well known Course Instructor Mr Chris Cooksey.


MENA Regional Directors

First McGuire Course In the Middle East!

First McGuire Programme Course to Control Your Stutter in the Middle East

Salam Alikom, 

Last week, I had the pleasure of organizing the first course in the Middle East in Dubai.  This being our first course in the region, I was naturally nervous but looking forward to the challenge. The course turned out to be a truly international event, with New Students and grads in attendance from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, England, Hungary and UAE .

Rakan Otaibi

Rakan Otaibi

I could not use the phone or take my young sisters to a restaurant I was a convert stammerer - that is to say I was afraid of thers discovering I had a stammer. I was avoiding many things in life life, and this unfortunately leads to anxiety, fear, low self esteem and isolation.

However, when I started my first job as an Oil Well Engineer I had to challenge myself and look for answers and I found the holy grail as they say, which is The McGuire Programme.