First McGuire Course In the Middle East!

First McGuire Programme Course to Control Your Stutter in the Middle East

Salam Alikom, 

Last week, I had the pleasure of organizing the first course in the Middle East in Dubai.  This being our first course in the region, I was naturally nervous but looking forward to the challenge. The course turned out to be a truly international event, with New Students and grads in attendance from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, England, Hungary and UAE .

Rakan Otaibi

Rakan Otaibi

I could not use the phone or take my young sisters to a restaurant I was a convert stammerer - that is to say I was afraid of thers discovering I had a stammer. I was avoiding many things in life life, and this unfortunately leads to anxiety, fear, low self esteem and isolation.

However, when I started my first job as an Oil Well Engineer I had to challenge myself and look for answers and I found the holy grail as they say, which is The McGuire Programme.