Another great course in Oslo, Norway

Only a few grads from Denmark and Sweden could participate due to the pandemic since we needed more social distancing indoors than usual, but all of Scandinavia was present. The regular hand-shake-drills had to be replaced with a heart-shake-drill which worked very well. When making contacts to strangers on the streets the need for social distancing prompted practicing good, strong voice projection.

Communication is so essential for us social beings

8 new students pushed out their comfort zones on the latest intensive course in Aarhus, Denmark. The journey of hard work has begun, and the light in their eyes are now flaming.

We made sure that all the recommendations from the local government were met, especially by maintaining good distance between the chairs in the course room and by having a restricted number of participants. We enhanced the important guidelines of hygiene e.g. but we did not give the Coronavirus the lead role on the course – it was occupied by strong discipline, courage and having fun.

Now I feel safe when I talk!

"I am so happy for daring to apply for the course and for completing the course. My expectations weren’t too high, but I went home with a greater understanding of what’s possible if I work hard and remain disciplined", one of the new students, Ismail, said after the course. 

Another great course in Oslo.

13 new students took their first step towards eloquent speech when they completed the course which started in Oslo on the 26th of September. All of Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) where represented on the course. With the help of great coaches and old grads great steps were made by each and every new student. BBC Radio visited us and made a recording for a future program to be aired on CrowdScience