The McGuire Programme: a solution to a lifelong struggle to communicate effectively.

The video camera is recording, the room is filled with at least 80 people, among them are veterans from the McGuire Programme, coaches, course organizers and of course all the new students at this Oslo course which started on the 30th of April 2015. All of the people in the room are here for the same reason; they all stutter. 18 new students have committed to face their fears and to take their first step to control their stutter.

68 people fight stammering in Aarhus, Denmark

11 new students completed the course

The time had come for another Danish McGuire course, in Aarhus. 57 old McGuire grads had decided to join the course and between them a lot of veterans in the Scandinavian program. This fantastic team of people, who was ready to instruct and coach the new students, best as possible. Along with the great coaches, Joe O’Donnell came from Ireland to do stafftraining for 5 stafftraining candidates.

Aarhus, Denmark - City of Smiles

Aarhus, Denmark - City of Smiles

The 5 staff training candiates: pictured at the end of the staff training. from left to right
Karoline Myre, Allan Toft Pedersen, Oscar Aaslund Hovin, Nynne Morkeberg & Jo Aunemo.

Staff training involves training McGuire Programme graduates to be Primary Coaches and Course Instructors. There were five eager and enthusiastic candidates for staff training.
Staff training sessions were run at different stages throughout the course. This was to make sure that the five candidates also had time to work with the new students in the lines and to participate in other important aspects of the course.

Warm-hearted stutterers in wintry Oslo

16 People Who Stutter in Oslo complete McGuire Programme

These brave people showed their stutter to the lovely capital of Norway, and gained control on the way to become better and more eloquent speakers.

With the majority of students from Norway, sprinkled with both Danish and Swedish new students, this Scandinavian course was an emotional, yet energetic, and really positivity-boosted McGuire course.

When we met the new students on Thursday morning, many of them had great problems in communicated what they would like to say, even their names was in many cases a serious hassle, and in their eyes their fear was evident.