Cape Town Course Report January 2020

First course to start off the year during the last weekend of the holidays. Unfortunately, the turn out was a bit smaller than normal with many people still away on holiday or had started work early. However for the everyone that joined, what a great way to start off the year after Xmas Holidays were speech often takes a back seat. 3 New male Students, all very sporty similar-aged made for a great bunch who really understood the sports mentality mindset from the get-go.

Cape Town 4 Day Course September 2019


Cape Town Course Report

Course Date: 27th – 30th September 2019

Course Instructor: Freddie Van Der Westerhuisen, Darin Wolfaardt and Nilesh Moti

Course Administration/Organiser: Darin Wolfaardt

New Students – Male: 4   Female: 0


Cape Town Course 2019

5 Brave New Students joined us on the 4 day Cape Town Intensive course, and what a course it was! A tentative start by the newbies, quickly grew into nervous excitement as they started finding themselves and being able to express themselves for the first time. The Harrison workshop which is run on every course is my absolute favourite. Something that I dreaded myself on my first course quickly became my favourite.

Reaching new heights in South Africa!

Eight new students started on Thursday morning, but one decided to leave on Friday as he felt he was not ready to make the required commitment. He may join at a later stage when he is able to commit. We appreciate this honesty and we prefer that students only join the Programme when they’re ready to make the serious, life changing commitment required to be successful and victorious at overcoming this enemy called stuttering .