South Africa does it again!

Public Speaking Challenge at the local mall

The final South African McGuire Four Day  Course for 2017 was held at Ekudeni Lodge in Muldersdrift near Johannesburg.  Most of the grads and new students were from Northern South Africa, although a few came from neighbouring countries and the Cape regions.

4 New Students in Cape Town show stuttering the door!

McGuire Course South Africa

The Final Day 

On the morning of 29 June 2017, 4 brave men walked into the conference room at Ruslamere Guest House in Cape Town to attend the second South African McGuire course for 2017.  They showed great courage by sitting in front of the video camera, putting their stutter out on display for all to hear (and see). All their physical tricks, avoidances and blocks were on show, but they weren't judged. Everyone knew what they were going through. This was the last time they would have to feel so out of control!

These new students amaze us with their courage!

McGuire Course Feb 2017,

Some moments on the course: in the lines projecting their voices, a grad presenting a session, new students and some of the grads from the farewell session

The first South African course for 2017 kicked off at Ekudeni Exclusive Country Lodge in Muldersdrift, Gauteng. We started off with 5 new students on Thursday morning, all of whom stay around the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. As always it was quite awkward for everyone anticipating the first day video’s. We showed 1 video of a primary coach before starting off with the new students. Four of them had a severe stutter and used lots of tricks. One new student was very covert and seemed very in control. He did, however, struggle with certain words/sounds.