Stockton man travels to Cape Town

Matthew Richardson on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Nov 30, 2014 By Lucy Richardson - The Northern Echo: An accountant has flown more than eight thousand miles around the world to teach strangers how to say their names. Until he was 22, Matthew Richardson from Stockton struggled to speak, but now he instructs a speech therapy course, called the McGuire Programme, around the world.

The Sport of Speaking

Constant practice is a concept used by James, who is on a winning streak after conquering years of not being able to say his own name due to a severe stutter. He would like to highlight International Stuttering Awareness Day on 22 October by sharing his success through "The Sport of Speaking"– incorporating the costal breathing technique.

Hallo, ek hakkel én praat op inbelprogram

Muhammed Hassen (20) het vandeesweek na John Robbie se inbelprogram toe gebel om oor sy vrees om in die publiek te praat, te kom. Dit was ’n uitdaging wat hy aan homself gestel het, toe hy met die McGuire-program vir hakkelaars begin het. | Foto: MarLesersfoto’sStuur vir ons jou foto's • Stuur vir ons jou foto's

Claudi Mailovich

Die moeilikste klanke om as hakkelaar uit te spreek was vir Muhammed Hassen B, D, M, T, P, S en Y. 

“Ek kon nie eens regtig my naam sê nie,” vertel dié 20-jarige van Kelvin in Johannesburg. Hy het in Maart met die McGuire-program vir hakkelaars begin om sy selfbeeld te bou. 

So goed het hy gevaar dat hy Woensdag al sy moed bymekaar geskraap en ingebel het na ’n gewilde radioprogram om aan sy ma, homself en die land te bewys hy kán in die openbaar praat. 

His peers would make fun of him because he stuttered

Conquering his fear of Stuttering

What a sport... Muhammed Hassen from Kelvin, Sandton conquers the fear of speaking.

A SPEECH impediment programme is helping 20-year­ old Muhammed Hassen conquer his fear of speaking.

Hassen lacked self-confidence in high school and his peers would make fun of him because he stuttered.

"I was really excited about the programme because I knew that it was going to help me with my speech," said Hassen at his home in Kelvin.

James de Lange

James de Lange

I've been stuttering since I can remember as a young boy of 4,5 years old. All throughout primary school and almost through my high school career until the beginning of my matric, final year in high school. A family member stumbled on the McGuire Programme while listening to a radio interview with a McGuire Graduate at that time. I get told to have a look at the website. Find it unbelievable and immediately make plans to get hold of these people, not myself though as I was ashamed of my stutter and not able to communicate over the phone, the fear was there!