McGuire Programme coming to Singapore!

An opportunity is about to present itself in Singapore - for a life changing event, to happen, for approximately 1% of the entire population - those who have to live every day, with a speech impairment, commonly known as a stutter or stammer.

For a population of over 5,700,000 people, that is over 57 thousand people that are directly affected by this condition, as well taking into account their families and friends - this makes up a significant portion of Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia

Jason D'Souza
Denis Wright

Denis Wright

Ever since I remember I have had a stutter - unfortunately for me, I liked to talk a lot. 

Although I can't say stuttering held me back too much, looking back at it now, I can see how it did restrict me from doing things that I know I would have enjoyed - debating, public speaking, running for class president, running for school captain, etc ,etc.