From feeling alone because of my stutter to finding a new family


It was during my final year presentation in college that I really understood the crippling effect my stuttering had on me. A pounding heart, sweaty palms and words that just would not come out. The fear, shame and guilt were something that broke me. I felt marginalised and alone in the world and vowed to avoid presentations or any forms of public speeches in the future.

What Happened in Singapore 2019 - Happy 2020

The inaugural Beyong Stuttering course in the Southeast Asia region was held in Singapore from Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th March 2019.

Welcoming one new student from Malaysia, two graduates from Singapore and two graduates from Norway to the McGuire Programme in Southeast Asia - all particpants showing great commitment to both working on their speech, but also being pioneers, and overcoming the scary and challenging situation of being in a new region.


Course was instructed by Phil Jeffrey - Instructor from Australia. 

McGuire Programme coming to Singapore!

An opportunity is about to present itself in Singapore - for a life changing event, to happen, for approximately 1% of the entire population - those who have to live every day, with a speech impairment, commonly known as a stutter or stammer.

For a population of over 5,700,000 people, that is over 57 thousand people that are directly affected by this condition, as well taking into account their families and friends - this makes up a significant portion of Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia

Jason D'Souza
Denis Wright

Denis Wright

Ever since I remember I have had a stutter - unfortunately for me, I liked to talk a lot. 

Although I can't say stuttering held me back too much, looking back at it now, I can see how it did restrict me from doing things that I know I would have enjoyed - debating, public speaking, running for class president, running for school captain, etc ,etc.