The First McGuire Programme UK North Course of 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne

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The Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, the venue for the McGuire Programme UK North stuttering therapy course for the twelfth consecutive year.

Twelve new students gathered in the Collingwood Suite at the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, for the 7pm start of the McGuire Programme UK North intensive, residential, stuttering therapy course on Wednesday 6th March 2019.  All were apprehensive to begin with but worked hard and determinedly over the four days to finally master the control over their stammers that was their goal.

Huge course at Wembley February 2019

Greig Goldman running a split session on the Wembley course.

The lastest McGuire course attracted a huge amount of graduates coming to work on their own speech and also being there to support and coach the new students.   With so many people attending we had no choice but to run seperate sessions throughout most of the course.   This was great for the graduates as well as the new students as we could give support to all of them.