Watford March 2020

Another really successful course was held in the new venue in Watford.  A new venue is always a challenge, and this was no different.  The hotel was separate from the conference room but worked perfectly and the Corona Virus was on people’s minds.  Precautions were taken with chairs being further apart from usual and hygiene being an even bigger factor than usual.  Hand shaking was replaced by exit drills and people has to wash their hands in every break.  

The first McGuire Programme UK North Course of the New Decade

The first McGuire Programme UK North, four day, intensive, residential course of the new decade, took place in the Royal Station Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne, from Wednesday 12th until Sunday 16th February 2020. The McGuire Programme gives people who stutter the skills and mindset to transform themselves into eloquent and articulate speakers.

Four very apprehensive new students arrived on the Wednesday evening to see if we could help them.  It takes courage to even turn up, so well done to everyone who was there!