UK South Hybrid Course - April 2021

McGuire Instruction team and new students

What an amazing Hybrid course we ran over zoom between 7-10 April.   All 12 new students needed to have many meetings coaches and instructors of the programme before the course kicked off.   This was to make sure they know all about the course and so we can get to know them and make sure they are 100% determined to give this their best chance of success.  The courses are hard work and long hours so commitment and self discipline is really important.

McGuire Online course - UK South

The first ever online McGuire Course was run the week before Christmas.  This was a massive step for the programme to take as we knew it would be so different from the usual face to face course.   The course was run by Greig Goldman and Hannah Datama with 6 new students and approx 12 coaches to support them throughout the course.