Eaglesham man recognised after overcoming severe stammer to land dream teaching job

Primary teacher Adam Black with his British Citizen Award (Photo: East Kilbride News)

Primary teacher Adam Black with his British Citizen Award

Achieving a lifelong ambition of a career in teaching always seemed a pipe dream for Eaglesham dad Adam Black.

Growing up with a severe stutter, the 28-year-old struggled with speech and lacked confidence his entire life until he discovered a life-changing stammer therapy programme.

Used by the likes of pop singer Gareth Gates and Educating Yorkshire’s Musharaf Asghar, The McGuire Programme helped Adam overcome his condition and land his dream job.

Adam told the News his aspirations were cut short after having a particularly bad experience with a careers advisor.

Bristol course gives another buzz to all people involved.

Course Instructors Victoria Griffiths-Price and Angie Allbones speaking at the public speaking during the Bristol Course.

Its always hard to believe just how successful our courses are even though it has helped every one of us on the programme.   Seeing the body language of new students on the Wednesday evening and just how much they struggle to speak or have to avoid words and sounds to pretend to be fluent is hard to see, however the changes in their speech control and confidence is remarkable.

Jessie Stride with stammer auditions for X Factor

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Jessie Stride with stammer auditions for X Factor

Hairdresser Whose Stammer Was So Bad She Couldn't Say Her Own Name Releases A Moving Music Video After Combatting Her Speech Impediment - And Even Auditioned For X Factor.

Jessie Stride, 20, was bullied and couldn't say her own name because of stutter Shut herself away in her bedroom from the age of eight Jessie, from Newport, near Hull, would write songs based on her experiences Overcame speech impediment after enrolling on a course in 2014 Auditioned for X Factor last year and got through two rounds of auditions

Hairdresser whose stammer was so bad she couldn't say her own name releases a moving music video after combatting her speech impediment - and even auditioned for X Factor

McGuire Programme Beyond Stuttering Beyond Stammering

Jessie, who finally overcame her stammer in 2014, now wants to release her song, with the working title 'Control', which describes her problem


A hairdresser, who auditioned for the X Factor, has released a moving video showcasing a song she wrote about the crippling stammer she battled for most of her life.

When Jessie Stride, 20, was bullied and couldn't even say her own name because of her pronounced stutter, the only outlet for her feelings was music.