London Wembley - What a inspiring course.

New Student Matthew Johnson speaking at the Public Speaking in London.

What a great course we have just had in London, Wembley.   On every McGuire course the new students have 2 days to see if they think the techniques will help them before commiting to join the programme.   On this occasion we started with 21 new students and by Friday 2 people decided not to join.   One thought it was not for him and the other was only there really to support his son as they both had a stammer.   The father decided to not join and just support his son through the course.    Out of the 19 who joined our programme, 8 were female and 6 were under 18.

Adam Lynch

Adam Lynch

McGuire Programme UK North Course, Birmingham, 25th-29th July 2018

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Mustapha Cham, who attended his first McGuire Programme course in Manchester in 2014, instructing to a busy room on the Birmingham course, July 2018.  This was Mustapha's first time as a McGuire programme Course Instructor.

Everyone involved in the McGuire Programme has had personal experience of living with an out of control stutter.  We have all stammered - some severely, others less so.  At some point, we all decided enough was enough and signed up for our first McGuire Programme course.  For Adam Black, one of the Course Instructors on the July 2018 course in Birmingham, he decided to attend a course in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2007.  The second Course Instructor in Birmingham, Mustapha Cham, decided to do something about his stutter in April 2014 in Manchester.

Callum Wells