London Wembley course - what an atmosphere!

Wow what a course this was here in Wembley, London.  19 new students started the journey to learn how to take control of their stammers.  Michael Joyes and Denise Admiraal put their stamp on this course with a great mix of discipline and fun.  The atmosphere grew and grew throughout the course as the new students gained confidence.  With a large number if new students, some graduates (who were not coaches) stepped up to the mark and start coaching the new students.  It was great to see such energy from the graduates as they set a perfect example to the new students.  We held lots of split s

A Successful and Diverse Few Days in Harrogate

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Course Instructor Dave Conley addressing the crowd in Harrogate on Saturday 29th June 2019. It was sunny and hot and the people of Harrogate were very supportive of all our new students and graduates while they were out on the streets practicing their techniques and working hard to control and defeat their stutters.

The McGuire Programme UK North region held a very diverse and challenging four day, intensive, residential course for people who stutter / stammer in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, from Wednesday 26th until Sunday 30th June 2019.  Often on our courses the stutter / stammer is not the only issue to deal with.  Some people who stutter / stammer also have to live with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and other medical conditions.  This was the case for some people on the Harrogate course.  Another issue we had was one of the new students did not speak or understand English very well. 

Bristol Course and Staff Training a great success

Another amazing course was held in Bristol where 11 new students joined our programme.   2 of them were under 18 with a mix of severe and less severe stammers.   All did really well to follow the direction on our tough intensive course and all are feeling on top of the world right now.