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Gareth Gates talks about his work with the McGuire Programme - This Morning 27th Feb 2012

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Course Instructor on The McGuire Programme appearing on This Morning, a popular daytime TV show in the UK, to speak about his continuing efforts to control his stutter and how coaching others has helped him.

Promo Video: UK South

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McGuire Programme UK South

Uploaded on 12 Jun 2009

This video was produced by the McGuire Programme UK South region to give people who suffer from stuttering and stammering more information on what the Programme entails. It includes interviews from members who are now recovering from stutering and working to control their stuttering on a daily basis.

UK Graduate John O'Neill lands dream paramedic job

John O'Neill

John O’Neill, from Hartlepool, did not believe that he would ever be able to carry out his dream of becoming an emergency response ambulance paramedic due to his severe speech impediment which he has suffered from since he was a young boy.

But after being given an opportunity to become an ambulance driver when he was 22–years–old, despite not being able to speak properly in his interview for the job, the father–of–three was determined to overcome his demon.

The McGuire Programme ... works on the neurological and psychological aspects of stammering

McGuire Graduate Chris Wilton has shaken off callous jeers

Chris Wilton outside his school (Credit: Western Gazette)

From the age of nine he spent years avoiding saying certain words and was often too scared to talk at all. But after a course of therapy changed his life and opened the door to a dream career in education, the Yeovil maths teacher has vowed to help others struggling with speech.

My stammer affected what social situations I would put myself into...