Iyanka Cooray

Iyanka Cooray

Just being able to say that has been incredibly difficult for me for the last 25 years, due to my stutter. Saying my name was always the most difficult part, and so I would avoid social and professional situations.

I felt like struggling through saying my name would turn me into a joke – this wasn’t helped by an extremely difficult time at school, which it’s safe to say that I don’t look back upon fondly.

I missed out on a lot of more social activities like theatre and sports, due to difficulty interacting with people outside of my comfort zone.

Stuttering featured on This Morning

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Gareth Gates talks about his work with the McGuire Programme - This Morning 27th Feb 2012

Uploaded on 27 Feb 2012

Course Instructor on The McGuire Programme appearing on This Morning, a popular daytime TV show in the UK, to speak about his continuing efforts to control his stutter and how coaching others has helped him.

Promo Video: UK South

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McGuire Programme UK South

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This video was produced by the McGuire Programme UK South region to give people who suffer from stuttering and stammering more information on what the Programme entails. It includes interviews from members who are now recovering from stutering and working to control their stuttering on a daily basis.