No fear for new Scotland captain Kelly Brown after tackling his stammer

Kelly Brown has had to wait a long time for the honour of leading his country. And as if seven years – his debut was against Romania in 2005 – and 49 caps was not enough, he then had to wait a bit longer.

Named as captain by coach Andy Robinson ahead of last season’s RBS Six Nations, the Saracens forward celebrated his elevation by dislocating his fibula in a club match three days later and missed the entire tournament.

Quasim finds success with McGuire Programme

It is estimated one in 750,000 people in the UK suffer from a stammering problem struggling to get their words out, but techniques can be learnt to improve speech with the help of an intensive speech programme.

Stammering, also referred to as a stutter is an involuntary block in the normal flow of speech which may lead to a series of quick hesitations, the repetition of words, syllables or sounds and in some cases, can be accompanied by blinking, twitching or jaw and body spasms.

McGuire graduate reads poetry to the London public

Steve Sheasby notched up another brave speaking achievement on Saturday 14th July. Together with Velda Osborne, chair of the British Stammering Association, Steve did a poetry reading under Waterloo Bridge in London for members of the public. They read excerpts from "The Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll who was a stammerer himself.