Your chance to apply to be part of an exciting ITV Documentary about stammering...

If you are interested in joining the McGuire Programme, really want to learn how to control your stammer and feel the TV would motivate you even more, please reply to the contact details on the poster attached.   For more information, please contact Matt Wilton on or 07838 172768. Thank you.

Newcastle upon Tyne Goes Beyond Stuttering...Again!

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Jessie Stride running a session on the McGuire Programme UK North course in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Once again, for the sixteenth consecutive year, the McGuire Programme UK North region ran a four day, residential, intensive, stuttering therapy course in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Eight new students attended on the Wednesday evening and eight transformed new students went home on the Sunday afternoon.  The course was instructed by Derek Bowler.  Derek's first McGuire Programme course was in Dundee in 2007.  He soon became a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme and has previously instructed courses in Wigan, Dundee and Washington DC.  The course was ably organised by Michael Bat

Rare Interview With Wet Wet Wet's Graeme Duffin On His Stammer | This Morning

Written by emmetoc On the

Rare Interview With Wet Wet Wet's Graeme Duffin On His Stammer | This Morning

Broadcast on 7/3/2016
Wet Wet Wet's guitarist Graeme Duffin was officially the silent member of the band - he didn't give interviews because of his stammer. He tells Holly and Phillip how the McGuire programme has helped him to overcome it.