Overcoming Stuttering in Washington, DC!

Conquering our stutter in Washington, DC, with the McGuire Programme!

More than a dozen people came to Washington, DC, to push themselves forward and continue their journeys toward overcoming stuttering and speaking more eloquently.

As usual with McGuire Programme courses, we had a very international group of members coming together from mulitple countries to help each other.

I've learned so much about the psychological aspects of stuttering from this course, and it will really help me as I move forward!

Changing Our Lives by Overcoming Stuttering in Austin!

McGuire Programme Members Overcome Stuttering in Austin

25 people came to Austin, Texas to face their fears and continue their journeys toward overcoming their stuttering!

The challenges of being a person who stutters go far beyond the physical "stuttering" that most people see.  Part of what makes the McGuire Programme so successful is that everyone in the Programme - coaches, instructors, members - is a stutterer who has been helped immensely by the Programme.

I'd never been around so many other people who stutter!

Speaking Eloquently on the Las Vegas Strip!

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People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to take massive steps in overocming their stuttering!  (November 17, 2018)

Las Vegas ALWAYS delivers, and this year was a no different!  35 McGuire Programme members from all over the world - including 6 new students - descended on Las Vegas and made huge improvements in their abilities to speak eloquently.