Speaking Eloquently on the Las Vegas Strip!

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People from all over the world come to Las Vegas to take massive steps in overocming their stuttering!  (November 17, 2018)

Las Vegas ALWAYS delivers, and this year was a no different!  35 McGuire Programme members from all over the world - including 6 new students - descended on Las Vegas and made huge improvements in their abilities to speak eloquently.

Conquering Our Stuttering in Toronto!

Six Happy New McGuire Programme Members - Toronto 2018

Toronto has always been so welcoming to the McGuire Programme, and 2018 saw our largest attendance ever.  Six new members joined more than 25 returning graduates to take massive steps in our journeys to win the sport of speaking.

Confronting one's stutter can be challenging, but once we take that first step, it is so freeing and rewarding to take control of our speech, often for the first times in our lives.

I would like to thank the McGuire Programme... for giving me a new life!