Stutterers Supporting Each Other In Las Vegas

Stutterers_Supporting_Each _Other

The US and Canada regions’ first course of 2016 was held in Las Vegas from April 6-9, 2016.  We had 23 total attendees, including a new student (NS), grads, coaches, and other staff returning to Las Vegas for three days of intense work to learn how to better control their stutters – and to have some fun as well!  The course was led by RDs Maria McGrath and Brian Sellers.

This weekend showed perfectly the incredible value that all McGuire Programme members receive from our lifetime program memberships.  

Brian Sellers

Brian Sellers

Throughout my life, I’ve often said – half-jokingly – that I was cursed with a combination of being both very much an extrovert, and very much a stutterer.

I mean, really, what kind of a cruel joke is that?  Taking someone who gets so energized from speaking, from meeting people, and from sharing the ideas that pop into his head, and giving him a stutter that makes it so hard – often painful – to engage with people.  Turns out it was never very funny to me.

International Stuttering Program Members Meet in Las Vegas

Team Las Vegas Nov 2015 - Go Beyond Stuttering

Team Las Vegas Nov 2015 - Go Beyond Stuttering

As I walked into the reception area of the Hampton Inn on Tuesday evening I was pleasantly surprised to see three members of the programme sitting at a table talking to each other.  

This may be an ordinary scene for most organizations but what made this extraordinary is each one has a stutter, each one came from a different country (UAE, Mexico and Canada), each one spoke English as a second language and each one would avoid speaking to strangers prior to joining the McGuire Programme.  Within a few minutes another member from California joined them. 

Dawn Finds Her Voice After Years Struggling With A Stutter

Dawn Demeritte

Dawn Demeritte from Nassau in the Bahamas talks about her stutter.  See the article in The Tribune and part two here .

Some excerpts from the article are:

A stutter makes you feel alone and makes you feel so isolated that you hate yourself.... It made me feel invisible.....growing up I had so much I wanted to say but I just couldn't.


Stutter. Ken overcomes his stutter.

Ken Bevers talk to strangers to help overcome his stutter. 


Exerps from Kansas City Star Article:

While it’s scary to introduce yourself to strangers on the street, it’s doubly so when you stutter.

Just ask Ken Bevers. He does it all the time.

“EHHX-cuse me, guys,” the accountant says in a breathy voice, gaining the attention of three young women walking toward him on the Country Club Plaza. “I ssssstutter, and I’ve been through a program. Could I practice saying my name?” The women glance at one another, then shrug. Sure, they say.

Another Weekend for People Who Stutter in Las Vegas

McGuire  Programme in Las Vegas June 2015

Stutterers face their fear of speaking and are supported by other stutterers.

Las Vegas was home the most recent US McGuire Course and once again we broke the Vegas rule “What Happens In Vegas  Stays In Vegas”  - we very much hope that "What Happened in Vegas this weekend DOES NOT stay in Vegas".

Mark Perlik

Mark Perlik

I stuttered quite severely for about 33 years.  In 2013, I first attended the McGuire Programme.  I have tried many other stuttering therapies from the time I was in elementary school and this is the only thing that has made a substantial, lasting improvement. 

It has changed my life. 

My achievements in the past year include joining Toastmasters and I started working as a waiter at the restaurant where I've worked in a less speech intensive position for almost 20 years because of my stutter. 

Scott Hart

Scott Hart

I have stuttered on most of the words and sentences I have spoken (Or tried to speak) in my so far 30 some odd years of life until that glorious day in March 2012 I decided to step out of my comfort zone and face my fear of speaking . For me, it was a great sense of relief to finally start doing something about it rather than feel pity and shame when my words would not come out in the way I envisioned it.