Beyond Stuttering Course In Washington DC

Team DC Derek Bowler, Maria McGrath and Dave McGuire

Beyond Stuttering Washington DC April 2015

Derek Bowler, Maria McGrath and founder Dave McGuire.

Beyond Stuttering Course In Washington DC April 2015

On April 15, 2015 a group of brave people arrived in Washington DC  to do something about their stutter.  Some people were new, some coming back for a refresher, some who have crashed and burned, some coming for a boost and some coming simply to help the new students along their journey to eloquent speech. All of us together makes this programme work.

We don’t promote this as a “cure for stuttering” (which means no time and effort would  be required to hold onto gains). 

Getting Control Of Your Stutter in Washington DC

All Smiles as Stutterers face their fear of Public Speaking

All Smiles As Stutterers Face Their Fear Of Public Speaking.

The McGuire Programme held its annual east coast course in Washington DC from July 16-19, 2014. We had a wide variety of people who stutter who originated from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Russia, India, Trinidad, Peru and the US and to top it off it was organized and instructed by an Irish and English gal.  It was a truly international course.

Next Stuttering Course in the US - Washington DC

The McGuire Programme Beyond Stuttering Couse comes to Washington DC

Do you stutter or do you know someone who does and is looking for help?  The international program that helps stutterers around the world to get control of their stutter is holding it's next US course in Washington DC from July 16-19, 2014.

There is no known cause or cure for stuttering but using our approach many of our members have reached a level of eloquence and control they have not been able to achieve with any other program.

What Happens In Vegas Stays With You

A Group of Stutterers wait to face their fear of public speaking.

Members of The McGuire Program - Beyond Stuttering gather in Las Vegas to face their fear of public speaking and experience their new found freedom in speaking with control.

What Happens In Vegas Stays With You

Another 6 people who stutter landed in Las Vegas looking for help with their stutter and went away keeping their Las Vegas experience with them for life.

6 New student and 21 returning members attended the McGuire Program  - Beyond Stuttering course in Las Vegas last week.  Also in attendance was Gunars Neiders, PHD, PSYD who requested to attend one of our courses.

Stutterer Thankful For "No Coddling " 20 Years Ago

Free of Stuttering

Brendan Comport, 20 Years On The McGuire Program, Free From The Shackles Of Stuttering And Helping Others Who Stutter.

I very distinctly remember the first course 20 years ago, and the first time I actually for once did not grab for a trick when confronted with a speech block.

We were doing some practice drills in the class room around the second or third day and I had a major block. Up until that moment I was still in the do-anything-to-speak mode and quite effectively avoiding the words that I was afraid of. But Dave and the other students, thankfully, noticed my struggle and did not let me off the hook. I remember Dave said “finally got you to stick with it!”