The McGuire Programme Twenty Years Later....

Ron and Dave reunite Twenty Years after First US Stuttering Course.

Ron Evans talks about the McGuire Program twenty years after his first course in 1994.

Hello. I’m Ron Evans, a participant in the April 1994 “Self-Help Stuttering Program” held in Dave’s home town of Santa Barbara, California.

Let me start by saying, “Thank you”, first and foremost to Dave, and second to Dr. Ronald Kapp, who made the course legally possible by coupling it with his medical research. Over the past 20 years,

that single course has had a tremendous positive impact on the quality of my personal and professional life.

Mario Salinas

Mario Salinas

While growing up, I would often get in trouble for negative behavior in school; behavior that I would use to deflect attention from my stutter. At first I was the bully; my thinking being, if people were afraid of me, they would not laugh at me.

Later, I became a class clown; this time thinking if they laugh with me, at least they would not be laughing at me.

Later in life, the personal and professional aspects of my life became affected.