4 New Students in Cape Town show stuttering the door!

The second McGuire Course in South Africa allowed us to welcome 4 brave new men to our wonderful McGuire family.

McGuire Course South Africa

The Final Day 

On the morning of 29 June 2017, 4 brave men walked into the conference room at Ruslamere Guest House in Cape Town to attend the second South African McGuire course for 2017.  They showed great courage by sitting in front of the video camera, putting their stutter out on display for all to hear (and see). All their physical tricks, avoidances and blocks were on show, but they weren't judged. Everyone knew what they were going through. This was the last time they would have to feel so out of control!


The new students reinforced their commitment to the course by handing in their cell phones for the weekend. They wanted to be 100% focussed on their speech and not be distracted by any outside events. 


The hard work then began! Basic techniques and breathing as well as the four cornerstone tools were taught to the new students. The returning graduates of the programme were amazing support and helped to coach the new students with admirable tenacity. By the end of their first day all the new students could say their names with complete control and assertiveness; something they could not do in front of the camera that morning.


The mornings began bright and early at 7am with everyone having warmed up their diaphragms. On the second day they were given the opportunity of seeing the basic technique and tools in practice when they observed how older graduates spoke to strangers in the mall. They were amazed and could not wait to try the techniques themselves. And they did! During a pre-arranged session that evening, the new students practiced speaking on the phone with non-attending grads From Ireland and South Africa via phone calls, video WhatsApp calling and Skype calling. This was a great experience for the new students! 


One of the highlights of every course is the Harrison Workshop.  This allows the new students to have some fun speaking. It helps to replace bad experiences/memories with good ones and also increases their confidence in their speaking abilities. Thereafter, the students were challenged to do 100 contacts with their accompanying grads before the final big challenge – public speaking! All the new students were actually very excited about speaking in front of the camera again and they came up one after the other to face their fears without any major turbulence. Winning at speaking!!


On the last day, the new students were able to take home some advice from older grads and then say their farewell speeches! They used good disciplined technique, a foundation which prepared them for the real world where they are currently being shaped into eloquent speakers. 


And we are so proud to add these 4 guys to our family!