Reaching new heights in South Africa!

These 7 new students didn't let anything get in their way of their quest to become eloquent and confident speakers.

Eight new students started on Thursday morning, but one decided to leave on Friday as he felt he was not ready to make the required commitment. He may join at a later stage when he is able to commit. We appreciate this honesty and we prefer that students only join the Programme when they’re ready to make the serious, life changing commitment required to be successful and victorious at overcoming this enemy called stuttering . Our courses are run over 4 days, starting with introductions and first day videos on Thursday morning and finishing with farewell speeches at lunch time on Sundays.

We only had strong coaches and instructors sitting opposite new students on the first day. This meant having two new students per coach, but it ensured that a strong foundation was laid and the basic physical techniques were drilled correctly from the start. The basic cycle of speech is so important and without that none of the other more advanced tools and techniques are possible. It is worthwhile to continuously refer back to the basic cycle during the course to ensure that students understand its importance.

We choose a new venue which was only 5mins form the shopping centre where students each made 100 contacts (spoke to strangers while practising their techniques) and where the students each made a public speech. They did this with enthusiasm and they were brilliant. some new students even made announcements on the PA systems of various stores inside the mall.

A special thanks to Freddie, Sigrid and Darin who presented sessions and co-instructed and to Julia for all the organising. We also really appreciate Dave for spending time coaching each student during the Saturday night Skype session.

We're looking forward to many more amazing courses in our region!