These new students amaze us with their courage!

The latest course in South Africa took place in Muldersdrift, Johannesburg. It was the first one for this year and it set a great precedent for those yet to come...

McGuire Course Feb 2017,

Some moments on the course: in the lines projecting their voices, a grad presenting a session, new students and some of the grads from the farewell session

The first South African course for 2017 kicked off at Ekudeni Exclusive Country Lodge in Muldersdrift, Gauteng. We started off with 5 new students on Thursday morning, all of whom stay around the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. As always it was quite awkward for everyone anticipating the first day video’s. We showed 1 video of a primary coach before starting off with the new students. Four of them had a severe stutter and used lots of tricks. One new student was very covert and seemed very in control. He did, however, struggle with certain words/sounds.
They told us a bit about themselves and then we started with getting on the belts and showed them how to get their costal breathing going. We went through the alphabet using HH and then a second round using BR. It seemed to be going well with these sessions. The grads were strong and the new students managed quite well with this exercise. By the end of the first day, all 5 students perfected their names with good control and assertiveness. They had had a very hard time doing this on the video earlier that day, so this was a huge achievement!
On Friday morning, the students were ready to start at 7am and got back into their lines and their breathing positions. We explained that the big 4 needed to be mastered by the end of the course on Sunday. We went through the psychological weapons and got everyone ready for contacts and told them that they will be using this way of speaking in the contacts session. This was a good preparation for the phone contacts they made later that
evening with older grads. They all managed to follow good technique with the phone calls and this really boosted their confidence.
On Saturday morning the new students were on time and ready with warmed up diaphragms. It was a split session and we kicked off with going through the check list again, having the new students leading this after being warmed up. We drilled lots of HH and BR and they did it with confidence. The older grads focused on goal-setting in their session. During the Harrison workshop they really made an effort to have fun speaking. This was really
good to get them ready for their contacts session and public speaking. They were all fearless with the public speaking and they all reached the goal of 100 contacts. They confidently did the report back and they all seemed completely in control. They were happy to be skyping with Dave and tell him about theirs contacts and public speaking.
On Sunday, we did a good warm up session and wrapped up the rest of the course. Thank you's and goodbye speeches were lead by Wayne, followed by myself and then we gave the floor to all new students. They all were very disciplined with technique and got a great response from the audience.

By: Karen Canale (Course Instructor Intern)