68 people fight stammering in Aarhus, Denmark

People who stammer take control of their stammering on a 4 day Aarhus Course. Once again the city of Aarhus host a successful course, writes course instructor Viktor Hansen.

11 new students completed the course

The time had come for another Danish McGuire course, in Aarhus. 57 old McGuire grads had decided to join the course and between them a lot of veterans in the Scandinavian program. This fantastic team of people, who was ready to instruct and coach the new students, best as possible. Along with the great coaches, Joe O’Donnell came from Ireland to do stafftraining for 5 stafftraining candidates.
The course started 09.00 Thursday 29th of May. There was a lot of nerves and excitement at the Scandic Hotel in Aarhus, when Daniel Kusk, the Scandinavian Regional Director invited the new students to do an interview. 11 people who stammer joined the program and worked hard and dedicated to learn the costal breathing on the first day. Work went on until late at night and tired and satisfied the new students had the costal breath under control.
The following day was filled with lot of smiles and some sweat! We went to downtown Aarhus for the old grads to do street contacts. Over 5000 people were contacted that day, and just the rest of Aarhus waiting for the new students the next day.
Saturday had Harrisons Workshop on the schedule. Divided in 8 groups, the grads and new students worked on their speech with topics as: Speaking up, Adding music to the voice, living with pauses etc. Quickly after this we went to do contacts in Aarhus again. The new students did brilliant, and everyone held great public speeches at Lille Torv, in beautiful sunshine! Even the local TV station showed up and we were on TV the following evening.
Last day of the course and everyone was still working very disciplined! We still had some ground to cover, but all held the discipline right to the end. With very emotional goodbye speeches, Daniel and me wrapped up the course, by announcing the next course in Malmø! Great job from all grads, coaches and instructors and always a great pleasure to work with so dedicated and nice people. We are all looking forward to next course!