McGuire Course - February 2016 in Malmö

Course report of McGuire course held from 25.-28. February 2016 in Malmö, Sweden

The tall standing Scandic Hotel at the end of Malmö’s Main Street, was the venue of the Malmö, Sweden 2016 McGuire course this 25.-28. of February. The course was held by the A-team of McGuire Scandinavia, which were RD Daniel Kusk, CO Allan Toft Pedersen, ST Christian Breuner and me Viktor Hansen CCI.

54 returning members (grads) attended the course and 14 new students nervously waited for their turn to do the first day interview. A majority of overt stammers with a few covert stammers showed during the interviews with fellow course instructor Christian Breuner doing the interviews. The Malmö course was one of the only courses in Scandinavia ever held in English, and the RD of Benelux Frank Loomans, and the future RDs of the Turkey region (launching soon) - gladly visited us on this occasion. We had a rather young group of grads on the course, so a lot of focus and disciplined was needed to get everyone to their best potential. But right from the beginning everyone showed great positive spirit and a natural hard working but relaxed atmosphere was present throughout the 4 days of the course.

When the costal breathing was under control after Thursday – we went to tackle the streets of Malmö for the first time on Friday at noon. Here the grads contacted over 5200 people on the streets and shops, bringing home the new students with confidence that they could overcome their contact session the following day. 13 of the 14 students continued on the course after the Friday session and the work could start again. A lot of split sessions were held throughout the course to get the old grads activated with lots of fun and challenging sessions planned by other old grads. One was ‘ability spotting’ where the coaches finds personal traits and strengths in each other’s stories.

Saturday came and at 3 o’clock the course participants met up at the cross between Södergaten og Skomakergate in the center of Malmö. Here the public speaking was set to go down. All the new students approached the stage and delivered some truly honest and emotional speeches which caused quite a stir around the blue box standing on the corner. Filled with positive experiences the grads returned to the hotel, where the new students ran through their own checklist and simultaneously talked to Dave McGuire via Skype. Parents and future speech therapists observing the course also got a chance to have a quick chat and ask questions to Dave.

Sunday some well-prepared old grads presented the hexagon, self-actualization, the stairway to articulate eloquence and spreading the word of what to notice and do when the students returned home.

Overall a good disciplined course run by an effective team effort and a warm atmosphere. Thanks to all coaches and old grads for making my 5th course instructing – such a pleasure.


Viktor Hansen

Course Instructor Denmark