The McGuire Programme: a solution to a lifelong struggle to communicate effectively.

The McGuire Programme is not a cure for stuttering, but it has given the tools to thousands of people globally to control their stutter, Nicklas Bengtsson.

The video camera is recording, the room is filled with at least 80 people, among them are veterans from the McGuire Programme, coaches, course organizers and of course all the new students at this Oslo course which started on the 30th of April 2015. All of the people in the room are here for the same reason; they all stutter. 18 new students have committed to face their fears and to take their first step to control their stutter.

One by one the new students take the chair sitting in front of the camera answering questions from the grads in the programme. Some students are overt, where you can see their stutter in forms of blocks, repetitions, facial contortions and tricks to hide the stutter, while others are covert, being able to hide their stutter by avoidance and substitution of words.

Many people try to control our stutter by themselves; using tricks, different therapies, speech exercises and other fluency promising methods. The battle in most cases ends with the stutter winning again and again. The stutter is a hard enemy to battle and we need to be even stronger, using better weapons, perseverance and working in a group to take control over this lifelong struggle.

The McGuire Programme is not a cure for stuttering, but it has given the tools to thousands of people globally to control their stutter, a problem that affects you both physically and physiologically. The ability to repeat the course frequently, the continuous support from other people from the programme and the sports mentally has proven to achieve excellent results.

The McGuire course in Oslo was intense, working day and night, disconnected from the outside world, with total focus on taking control over our stutter. New tools were mastered, the diaphragm was controlled, a new speaking habit was drilled repeatedly during the course. This gave the new students control over their speech and finally they we are able to stand up and say their name loudly and confidently.

After three and a half days at the course, the new students have learned to master the methods taught to them so by the end of the course they had total control over their speech. However this course is just the beginning of a lifelong journey. Now the real work starts, going out and using the new speaking technique in the real world, overcoming fears one by one, doing things you never did before and most important of all, being able to express yourself with effective communication and being able to show people who you really are.


Nicklas Bengtsson, Course Instructor the Oslo course 2015