Mother and son overcome their fears in Oslo, Norway

Torunn and Frode decided to face their fear of stuttering in Oslo. Together they signed up for the McGuire course held in Oslo from 25.-28. January 2018.

Together with 16 other new course participants they decided that enough was enough. They came to Oslo with the hope of getting more control of their speech.

After two days of intensive practicing their new physical tools against their old uncontrolled stutter along with a new mindset, they took over Oslo.
After facing their fear of contacting strangers by making over 100 street contacts each, they happily went for their first outdoor public speech despite it being minus 13 degrees Celsius in Oslo!

Now all the techniques are learned it is time to practice them over and over until they become second nature.

If/when the “old stutter” shows its ugly face again they now have the tools and support to deal with it.

Nobody has to fight their stutter alone – the support is here.