Warm-hearted stutterers in wintry Oslo

After four intensive days in snow-covered Oslo, 16 new students did tremendous efforts to overcome their greatest fear writes Course Instructor, Erland R. Nordgård

16 People Who Stutter in Oslo complete McGuire Programme

These brave people showed their stutter to the lovely capital of Norway, and gained control on the way to become better and more eloquent speakers.

With the majority of students from Norway, sprinkled with both Danish and Swedish new students, this Scandinavian course was an emotional, yet energetic, and really positivity-boosted McGuire course.

When we met the new students on Thursday morning, many of them had great problems in communicated what they would like to say, even their names was in many cases a serious hassle, and in their eyes their fear was evident.

However, with the great help from old graduates and mentors, giving 110% in their motivation and guidance to support and help them to learn the new weapons and tools to become better speakers, all students left the course with a great smile on their face, full of enthusiasm and positive energy, willing to take over the world!

After a little dip in the number of new students entering the Scandinavian McGuire family the latest years, it is really fantastic to see that our family is growing rapidly again. Also, a great thanks to old graduates willing to let the Scandinavian countries and people who have a stuttering problem know about the McGuire Programme and our motivation to help more people with a stuttering problem.

Both new students and old graduates faced many challenges during the four days, but not even snowfall and freezing wind in Oslo could stop them from realizing their dreams and reaching their goals. We did it!