Allan Toft Pedersen
Skive, Denmark

First Course:
Randers, Denmark, 2006

Ever since, my family and i was to an event at my mom's work, I have had a stutter. I was 3 years old. No one knows if that happened to me for the event, and if so, what happened.

I got in contact with a great speech therapist named Trine, and she told both me and my parents, that the type of stutter I had, I would not outgrow with age. 

I always got the best help from my family, Trine, my teachers, and my friends and I will always be thankful for that. 

Already as an 3-year old I understood that, there were some words I didn't could say because of my stutter, and some I could. But at some periods of my childhood, it was easier than others :-) 

In Danish, there are many words for the same thing. Therefore developed my stutter, so that my desperation for new synonyms, for words I could not say, and other tricks got higher, because the synonyms and tricks only worked for a small periods. That's way I think, I always was really tired in my teenage years. 

I have never been socially isolated or been bullied, as I understand many others, with a stutter have tried. But I never felt 100 percent as the person I wanted to be, because of my tricks, and did not feel that I could reach my potential as a human being for example, educational. 

In 2006 my mom and chief urged me very strongly to try The McGuire Programme. It has been some of the best money spend, and Life Changing experience at all times. 

The feeling of me being in control of my stutter, and not the stutter having control over me, was and is indescribable. I was challenged in every conceivable way, and did things that I never thought possible for me. Being able to give a speech to 100 people, hold a public speech and be together with many other people who have experienced many of the same things as me, gave me so much hope for the future, which I have never experienced before. 

I have a bachelor in social development, and in my work, I have to be able to communicate in a short and concise manner, which was certainly not the way I communicated on before :-) 

I'm not nearly as tired as before, and I can handle myself much less sleep than before. My theory is that I have spent so much energy going around and have the feeling that I could not say I would, find synonyms and avoid situations where I probably could not hide my stutter. 

I have been on many courses now and I am coach in the McGuire program. But I am not healed from my stutter. I still have words, I sometimes have a hard time saying, and I still have days when I'm struggling, but the difference from past to now is that I now know, what I must do and I have the tools to make the change - it is it makes the most difference to me!