Oscar Aaslund Hovin
Oscar Aaslund Hovin
Norway, Trondheim

First Course:
Malmö, 2013

At the first day of course, it took me about 1 minute to say that I work with people with autism and mental disability. In some periods of my life, it took me 2 minutes to say my name.

As long as I can remember, I have been stuttering. My first memory with stuttering is from the 2'nd grade when my teacher started talking about it. I could not understand what she was talking about, but suddenly I realized the severity of my stuttering.

Although I've always been interested in politics, I'd never dared to have a speech. Two years ago, I was an elected in my minicipality as a politician. How could I do it when I felt that I had no voice?

Everything felt impossible and I felt that my severe stammering began to ruin my future.

Today I'm happy that I never gave up, because in May '13 one of my colleagues told me about the McGuire-programme.

In September I went to Sweden and Malmö for my first course.

I was afraid, excited, happy and many other feelings.

When I look back on the last months of my life, I can say that it has been and is a really hard job, but it's so worth it! The McGuire-programme has given me a tool so I can take control of my speech, but it's my task to use that tool in my life to achieve my goal.

My picture is when I was on the live show ''God Morning Norway'' with about 1 million viewers. That was awesome!

My goal is not to stutter, but my goal is to have control over my speech. I'm ready to work hard to accomplish my goal. Although it's gonna be a rough and bumpy trip, I'm going to do it!

So world - I'm going to take you!