Always evaluating ourselves.

We are pleased to announce that 2010 has been record breaking for us.

Three records have been broken during this evaluation period;

  • Iain Mutch and his fine coaches/instructors in UK North have broken the regional record with 93%. Not only have they broken the previous record (New Zealand 2007 - 92%), his success rate actually came out to be HIGHER than what he and his primary coaches originally reported (88% pre audit). 
  • Joe O’Donnell and his coaches/instructors in Ireland achieved all time high success rate for the region of 86%.
  • Although some Regions still need to improve, we’ve broken the all time overall international record with 78%.

Regional Evaluators/Auditors for 2010 were as follows:

  • Steve Sheasby (senior RE from UK South who evaluated UK North, Australia, part of Ireland, Holland and South Africa)
  • Emmet O’Connell (from Ireland who evaluated part of UK South)
  • Viktor Hansen (from Denmark who evaluated Scandinavia and part of Ireland)
  • Adam Black (from UK North who evaluated part of UK South)


2010 Course by Course Audit (PDF)