Always evaluating ourselves.

We've had another successful year but we are always vigilant to make sure those who enter our Programme still receive the high quality experience that we ourselves got when we joined.

To be noted about this year's evaluation:

1. There has been a significant increase in the success rate of Scandinavia under the direction of the new Regional Director, Daniel Kusk. He has brought the success of his region up to 80% which is a very significant improvement from the 55% of the previous year (2010).

2. The United States program under new leadership of Regional Director, Maria McGrath, has dramatically improved the success from 40% of the previous year to 69%.

3. Despite these positive notes, our International success has dropped from 78% in 2010 to 72% with significant decreases in almost all regions except USA and Scandinavia. We are currently working to improve. Stay tuned for next year's evaluation audits.


  2011 Region By Region Audited Success Rates (PDF)

  2011 Course By Course Evaluation Audit (PDF)