Always evaluating ourselves.

We've had another successful year in 2012 but we are always vigilant to make sure those who enter our Programme still receive the high quality experience that we ourselves got when we joined.

Of the 355 members who joined the McGuire Programme in 2012, 258 (or 73%) were confirmed successful by the evaluation auditors. This was a slight improvement over the 72% from 2011.  The auditing procedure was the same with one notable exception: whereas previous evaluation audits were finalized by August of the following year,  the auditing period  for 2012 was extended to the end of the end of 2013 to give a more accurate picture over the long term. Indeed, it showed that some who weren’t ready to put in the necessary work/courage/perseverance  would come back after a period of time with a renewed commitment. 

Positive highlights of 2012 include:

  • Ireland: Under the direction of Joe O’Donnell, Ireland has proven to have the most consistently high success rate with a record 89% success for 2012.
  • Netherlands: In his first year of taking over the Dutch programme, Frank Loomans and his team of instructors and coaches attained a solid success rate of 81%.
  • USA:  Maria McGrath continues to improve her region with a 74% confirmed successful, up from 69% the previous year.

Evaluation Auditors for 2012 were Sheena Crompton, Michael Donnelly, and Mark Perlik


  2012 Evaluations - Region By Region Audited Success Rates (PDF)

  2012 Evaluations - International Summary (PDF)