Always evaluating ourselves.

We've had another successful year in 2013 but we are always vigilant to make sure those who enter our Programme still receive the high quality experience that we ourselves got when we joined.

Of the 326 people who joined our programme in 2013, 237, or 73%, were rated as successful according to our criteria that you can read here (link to: ).  To be noted from the 2013 evaluation audits:

  • The evaluation period was extended through the Holiday season into January (2015) as many members will re-commit themselves in the New Year. This extension also provides us with more ‘long term’ results.
  • International success has not changed since the previous year although our goal is over 80%.
  • Once again, Ireland under the direction of Joe O’Donnell has the highest success rate at 84.6%. 
  • South Africa experienced a significant success increase from 2012 from 65% to 73.3%
  • While other regions held reasonably steady, there were significant drops in success rates in Scandinavia, Benelux (Holland, Luxemburg, and Belgium).
  • As usual, those who were rated not successful by Primary Coaches and Regional Directors were not contacted by the Evaluation Auditors who only contact those rated successful.
  • Those initially rated successful who could not be contacted by Evaluation Auditors were, with a few exceptions, rated not successful.

The Evaluation Auditors (and their home countries) for this 2013 evaluation period were: Sharon Gavillet (Ireland), Andreaus Ganderup (Denmark), Mark Perlik (USA), Mariana Garcia (Mexico).   

Download (PDF):

  2013 Evaluations - Region By Region Audited Success Rates (PDF)

  2013 Evaluations - International Summary (PDF)