In 2015, 456 new members joined our programme. Of these, 337, or 73.9%, were rated successful by their Primary Coaches (PCs), Regional Directors (RDs) and verified by Evaluation Auditors (EAs) with those who could not be contacted rated not successful. Remarkable in this evaluation period is:
  • The improvement over the previous 5 years of nearly 74%. (See our comparative data in the third section of the detailed 2015 report).
  • One region, Germany, achieved a 100% success rate
  • Five Regions achieved over 80% success. These are: Germany (100%), India (87.5%), South Africa (83.3%), UK South (82.9%), Mid-East (80.0%).

Please click on the 2015 link below for more detailed data keeping in mind that, although we consider 73.9% to be our true success rate (+/- 5%), as of last year we include success rate figures following some procedures done by other Programmes such as:

  • Excluding those who could not be contacted from the base total. With this parameter, our audited  2015 success would be 90%
  • Showing the self-assessments of improvement in Quality of Life (QOL) based on comments from Primary Coaches, Regional Directors, and/or Auditors even though they may have been rated unsuccessful by PCs, RDs and/or EAs. With only these parameters, we would show a success rate of 86%, including non-contactables factored into the base total.

For reasons outlined in the introduction when you first clicked into our Success Evaluation link, we emphasize that our true success is the Audited second or third party assessment with non-contactables rated not successful (73.9%). To reiterate, we do NOT consider self-assessments and/or evaluations done that discard non-responders/non-contactables nor assessments done during/immediately after a first course to be an accurate indicator of the true success of any programme.

Evaluation Auditors for 2015 are: 

  • Andreas Ganderup (from Denmark): Audited Ireland, UK North, Benelux and Scandinavia.
  • Sharon Gavillet (from Ireland): Audited UK South, UK North, South Africa, and Mid-East, and Germany.
  • Kevin Lynch (from Ireland, living in South Korea): Audited Australia/NZ and India.
  • Alex Morales (from USA): Audited Latin America.
  • Nickolas Foran (from Canada): Audited USA/Canada

Download (PDF):

   Download: Detailed data showing Region by Region, Course by Course, Comparative between Regions since 2004, all rating categories (A+ to C-), and the success rates based on various criteria including QOL. (PDF)