Amazing McGuire Programme course in Harrogate, 11th-15th April 2018

The McGuire Programme came back to Harrogate for the first time since 1999 to run a stuttering transformation course. We were based in the Majestic Hotel and 18 courageous people fulfilled their dreams and gained control over their stutters stammers and became eloquent and articulate speakers.

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Thursday on the McGuire Programme UK North stuttering/stammering transformation course in the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, 12th April 2018.  The beginning of the journey for 18 people who stammer/stutter to go from stuttering/stammerimg to become eloquent and articulate speakers.

The McGuire Programme returned to Harrogate for the first time in nearly twenty years to run a four day, intensive, residential stuttering/stammering transformation course in the Majestic Hotel, 11th-15th April 2018.  Eighteen courageous and apprehensive new students arrived on the Wednesday to embark on the most momentous few days of their lives!  Within four days their lives would be transformed.

The course was atypical.  Usually, there is a majority of fairly young adult males on McGuire Programme courses.  This course was different.  Of the eighteen new students, seven were under the age of eighteen.  This was probably because the course was held during the school Easter holidays.  Also, there were far more female new students than we generally see on our courses.  Three to four times more males stutter/stammer than females do.  No-one knows why but there are many umproven theories.  On the Harrogate course, we had a majority of female new students - ten to eight!  All did incredibly well.

Special thanks to all the new students, coaches and graduates of the McGuire Programme who attended the course to help others and to work on their own speech.

The Course Instructors for the Harrogate course were Chris Cooksey and Anand Mistry.  Chris has been involved in the McGuire Programme and helping people who stutter/stammer since 2005.  Chris has instructed courses, all over the World, for many years.  Anand is also vastly experienced as his first course was in Wigan in 2008.

Thanks too to Jessie Stride who organised the Harrogate course and dealt with all the hotel bookings.  She did a great job!

It was a wonderful course!  Very busy with inspiring new students and graduates eager to improve their speech and do something about their stutters/stammers.

The next McGuire Programme UK North course is in Birmingham, 25th-29th July 2018.  If you want to attend, just get in touch!

Iain Mutch, Regional Director, McGuire Programme UK North, 07761 823461 /